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Granite Marble and Quartz Countertops Fabrication at PB Stone Works

Along with the many services we provide at Peter Brooks Stone Works, our fabrication shop is staffed with some of the finest craftsmen in the industry. They have all been educated on the proper cutting, polishing and installation techniques. We have also pushed our fabricators to keep up with the evolution of the desires of our clients, from special cut edges, such as the Colonial Ogee finished to perfection to assembling mitered edges for a thicker looking countertop. We have also trained our fabricators to create a chiseled edge for a more rustic look on either an outdoor kitchen countertop or a fireplace hearth stone.

Our fabrication facility has been designed using a combination of some of the more traditional stone fabrication processes to greener and more efficient ones. In our shop, all of the projects start out on the table of one of our two Terzago bridge saws. Each bridge saw is cooled with 100% recycled water, using a simple gravity fed separator and a reliable pump.

Once a stone slab that has been personally selected by one of our clients, it is loaded onto the bridge saw table and the first step in creating a stone product begins. The operator of the bridge saw will cut the rough shape of any given project using accurate field measurements and/or a template. After the rough shape of the stone has been completed, it is moved into the finishing process.

At this point a skilled fabricator will place the rough cut stone onto work benches. Through the use of specialized hand tools the fabricator will refine the shape of the stone in conjunction with the template or field measurements. Next the fabricator will use a stone edging machine to cut the desired shape of the edge into the stone. After the desired edge has been cut into the stone, the fabricator will use a hand polishing tool with diamond sanding pads to create a perfect shine on the stones edge. We always achieve the final polish of granite and quartz stone without using chemicals or waxes.

After the edge has been completed and if the project requires any cut-outs, they will then be drawn onto the stone using special markers and it will be carefully cut by a fabricator. The cut-outs are shaped to match a template or exact measurement. If they require a polish (usually for under-mount sink cut-outs) they will be finished with the same process as polishing the stones edge.

Once each product is completed they are thoroughly inspected to meet our high standards of quality. Our installation teams are trained not only in the proper installation of the stone, but they are required to be aware of their surroundings. When they enter someone’s home they will always take time and care to prepare the work area so that none of the home owner’s belongings are at risk of being damaged. The floor is always covered with drop clothes in the immediate work area. Once the stone has been properly installed the lead installer will inspect the installation and fill out a check list that is part of the home owner’s installation and inspection form. At that point the home owner will be asked to inspect the stone then sign off on the job.

Proper safety habits are promoted with the fabrication shop, as well as on the road during our field installations.

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